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We’ve implemented Salesforce for dozens of Financial Services businesses. Here are some examples of how we’ve implemented it for businesses similar to yours…

Financial service cloud breakdown


Find New Customers

Use Salesforce Pardot or Marketing Cloud to find new customers and educate them on your offerings, measure their engagement, and pass them to sales as a Marketing Qualified Lead.

Pipeline Management

Get full visibility of your sales pipeline and forecast future revenue.

Remove Data Silos

Bring data from other systems to consolidate all of the information you hold about a customer into a single customer view.

Risk Management

Have Salesforce integrated with back-end credit and finance systems or third party providers to get decisions quickly, directly in Salesforce.

Multi-Channel Support

Salesforce Service Cloud lets you support your customers by phone, email, web, live chat, and many other channels. Centralise customer contact into a single system and gain a true 360 degree view of all interactions with your customers.

Intelligent Case Routing

Use Salesforce omni-channel to route cases to the correct product experts based on their skill sets, geography, or language.

Seamless Support

Salesforce Service Cloud can integrate with your existing tech stack – provide live chat functionality directly within your mobile app, integrate Salesforce Knowledge into your website for a self-service portal, or have chat bots query back-end systems to respond to complex queries in real time.

Self Service and Onboarding

Reduce customers’ reliance on your support team by allowing them to find answers themselves using a customer community, chat bots, or public knowledge bases, or onboard themselves by providing documentation securely via a portal.

Financial service cloud breakdown
Financial Service Cloud

Wealth & Asset Management

Develop Your Network

Create a single source of truth for tracking your prospects, investors, introducers, partners, and their relationships.

Tasks and Activities

Store all communications with all parties in a single, centralised system. Report on calls, emails, and appointments with your investors and partners with automatic Outlook synchronisation.

Investment Pipeline

Shortlist potential investors based on ticket size and sector, and track them through your sales pipeline. Didn’t want to invest this time? Keep a history of every opportunity you’ve discussed with an investor and why it wasn’t for them to bring them a more suitable opportunity next time around.

Track AUM, Fees, and Share of Wallet

Configure Salesforce to keep tabs on AUM and performance data, your fees and commissions, and know which investors could be targeted for an increase in wallet share.

Deal Sourcing and Origination

Maintain a deal sourcing pipeline and track all interactions with prospect companies in a single system and identify investment opportunities. Collate market chatter and industry news to maintain a running narrative over your target companies.

Fund Pipeline

Track conversations with potential investors against a fund, as well as progress towards fundraising targets.

Competitor Fund Analysis

Capture and report on information gathered around which of your competitors your prospective investors are already invested with.

Introducer Tracking

See who your introducers have put you in touch with and report on any business written as a result of those introductions.

Financial service cloud breakdown

Trust & Compliance

Due Diligence

Reduce time spent passing documents back and forth, and create a frictionless onboarding experience using Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Enhanced Platform Encryption

Encrypt the information of high-net-worth clients or confidential PII at rest on the platform for added protection and only allow access to select users.

Forensic Audit Trail

Retain a forensic data-level audit trail to adhere with industry regulations and internal governance policies. Access a ten year audit trail of all of your data and view a single field’s value at any point during that timeframe.

Advanced Event Monitoring

Closely monitor how and when your data is accessed, and set up real time alerts for unusual security events. Maintain a log of exactly who accessed a piece of information, why, and where they were located when they accessed it.

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