Now more than ever there is a need to inspire people to get involved in large scale non for profit activities that will benefit us all in the long run. There are many many topics to choose from but it is clear this year more than ever that there are serious problems with the climate and it is the responsibility of everyone to contribute in some way. We all have to make changes to the way we live.

How can we measure the real impact of NGO activities?

With such an enormous problem at hand what good are the actions of the individual? Perhaps they are a drop in the ocean, but they do still count. If you could sum the recycling or energy saving actions of 100 or 1000 or perhaps 10,000 individuals then you would start to see real IMPACT.

Technologies like Salesforce offer the ideal solution to these problems. Any NGO that now wants the public to participate in a large scale social mission can harness the power of communal data. Goals can be set at the top level, contributing activities can be identified and decided upon, individuals can be allowed to choose which activities they want to do and with simple quantitative data collection via a relevant app the power of collective action is there for all participants to see via data analysis and reporting. 

Salesforce Communities

With Salesforce Communities, any volunteering program from litter picks to public health drives can now easily incorporate co-ordinated goal setting – data collection, impact reporting; mass communication between participants and gamification. With such technology,  people involved in campaigns for lifestyle change on environmental issues can now see how they make up part of the wave of change.

What types of data might we be interested in?

What are the typical data points that an NGO may want to report on?

  • 20,324 people have downloaded our app
  • 19,456 have set up a personal action plan to improve energy efficiency
  • 3 months ago they had a total consumption of over 72m kWH 
  • Their direct personal actions have managed to reduce this figure by 15%
  • That is enough energy to achieve xyz…
  • Thanks to our app there are now 132 local environmental support groups set up by people who live in the same area and are passionate about spreading the message of lifestyle change. We are supporting all these groups directly via our CRM.

Perhaps you already know you can do all this with Salesforce but aren’t sure how, or perhaps you want to find out how it could be set up for your Charity in the first place. If so, why not get in touch with our nonprofit team today to see how Salesforce can help you get full visibility of the impact that your organisation is having.

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