Salesforce Service Cloud is a service management platform that enables businesses to work with their customers and channel partners to provide excellent service. Service Cloud enables customer service agents to work faster and more productively across a variety of channels such as web chat, email, phone and social media. This creates a seamless customer service experience and will increase customer satisfaction which in turn will increase profitability and reduce costs.  Think your business could benefit from some of these amazing stats?
  • 22% decrease in support cost
  • 26% increase in customer retention
  • 28% uplift of agent productivity
  • 31% increase in case resolution
Sales or Service? Service Cloud and Sales Cloud are both CRM applications on the Salesforce Platform. The key differentiators are that Service Cloud helps businesses support existing customers through its customer service console, live chat, and communities software, whereas Sales Cloud helps businesses manage sales activity with contact management, opportunity management, and forecasting tools.  How can Service Cloud impact my customer retention and satisfaction? At all times your customer service team needs to be equipped to answer the myriad of questions your customers can have with speed, confidence and accuracy. We all know that the better the service, the higher the likelihood customers will return to your product or service and the key to good service is proactive responsiveness. Service Cloud will equip your customer service team with a 360 degree holistic view of their customers, and the tools they need to deliver that next level customer experience; they will be working smarter, faster and in turn increasing efficiencies and  productivity all whilst reducing costs and enhancing the customer satisfaction.  Better yet, with Service Cloud and Customer Communities, you can develop a self-service community that gives customers access to the best information about your product, connect with each other or contact a support agent when required. Just imagine, the entirety of your organisation can obtain insight and knowledge on a customer’s case history at any given time and the right person on the team can assist in answering technical and common questions. What next? So, If you have a sense that your own organisation’s customer satisfaction and retention is not quite where you need it to be, on your journey of growth, then get in touch with Silver Softworks for an unbiased viewpoint. We will be happy to share how implementing Service cloud and integrating it with existing systems you may have for your customer service team can dramatically enhance the communication your customers receive on their path to long term loyalty. If you would like to find out more about Service Cloud or any other Salesforce product and how they could enhance your business processes, click the button below to book your free consultation with us.

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