Any SaaS business surviving the demands of the current marketplace knows that in order to survive, you have to constantly evolve, and that adding new tools and tricks to your own business process is commonplace to stay ahead of the game- and the competition. 

Welcome to the modern sales process: Configure, Price, Quote. Salesforce CPQ (or Salesforce Revenue Cloud) is software that allows sales teams to generate quotes for complex products with speed and accuracy. To fully realise the number of benefits with investing in CPQ for your SaaS business, you first need to understand the individual components themselves:

1) Configure

This part of CPQ is all about tailoring your products and services to the expectations and needs of your customer. This bespoke level of customisation and personalisation is the new norm of SaaS sales. Your sales team needs to understand which products and services to bundle, how to approve and deliver those bundles or you might find yourself in a bit of a mess and fast.

2) Price 

When it comes to SaaS sales, there is no “one-size-fits-all” pricing model. Your sales team needs to be able to stay on top of discounts, bundles and volume pricing variables in order to correctly quote to valuable customers. Salesforce CPQ makes it easy to standardise your product set and get the correct pricing quickly. No more quoting spreadsheets!

3) Quote

Your customer needs to be clear on what it is they are paying for and what their contract terms are. The quotes that your sales team generates therefore must be an accurate representation of what was agreed along the sales cycle and presented to the customer with optimal professionalism and clarity. 

Salesforce CPQ enables your sales teams to overcome the challenges presented above through a combination of automation of process (eliminating human error), guided selling (asking the right questions at the right time, and connecting with your customer), and full quote management (overcoming complex and multiple pricing tiers and rules). Imagine a seamless link between your front-end sales and back-office finance team automating the entire quote-to-cash process for your customers. Your sales cycle will be revolutionized and streamlined and your team more agile and responsive because of the time saved and efficiencies created. 

We’ve implemented Salesforce CPQ for dozens of software companies to date, from tiny startups through to global brands with thousands of employees and we’ve noticed that many of these customers are having similar challenges in a few key areas.

How many of these statements resonate with you?

  • Your product or service has a complicated pricing model that is outdated
  • It takes hours or even days for your sales team to put together a quote or prepare a contract
  • Sales do not or cannot identify upsell and cross-selling opportunities
  • Your sales team dread having to manage customer contract renewals because they’re incredibly time consuming and prone to error
  • You believe you could be doing a better job of keeping the customers that you have, but have no idea how to measure churn risk
  • You have outgrown your current quoting functionality 
  • There is now a requirement for usage-based billing capabilities
  • There is a lack of visibility across your entire quote-cash system

If you can answer yes to at least 2 of the above statements, it’s almost certainly worth having a call with one of our consultants. Click the button below to book your free consultation with us.