What we do

We implement Salesforce CRM for national and local nonprofits, social businesses, membership organisations and educational establishments of all sizes. We configure the power of the platform and 3rd party apps to support :

• Fundraising (from donations to banking),

• Marketing and communications,

• Programme delivery (including grant making),

• Operations,

• Volunteer management (including support desk teams),

• Impact measurement

• Reporting

The Silver Softworks culture is one of empathy, understanding, honesty, flexibility and collaboration. We take pride in offering you high quality service and achieving measurable results.

What help can you get?

Registered charities and associations limited by guarantee can apply for up to 10 free Salesforce licences, check your eligibility https://www.salesforce.org/power-of-us-eligibility-guidelines/

You can apply for a 10 licence donation via http://powerofus.salesforcefoundation.org/powerofusapply

This gives you access to market-leading Salesforce technology which will accelerate delivery of your cause.

Getting Started

We will then work together with you to tailor your Salesforce system to your organisation’s needs, train your key Salesforce resource, and have you up and running. Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs.

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Let's build something great. Together.

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