Knowing what your customers want, rather than just guessing is a very useful tool for any marketing or pitching efforts. If you know information about your customers’ personal preferences and wants, it is a lot easier to generate marketing material that makes them engaged and feel valued, as opposed to generic emails where clients often feel like just another name on the list.
GetFeedback for Pardot First across devices

GetFeedback First

With GetFeedback for Pardot you can produce quick surveys into your emails to ensure you truly understand your prospects. Based on feedback you are then able to drive two-way conversations and tailor aspects to fit the prospect, giving them the best experience from working with you. Knowing your prospect also makes it easier to determine what sort of lead they are and how ready they are to progress with certain products.

GetFeedback for Pardot After

GetFeedback After

Knowing your customers’ preferences means you are able to successfully engage with them all the way through the process from the original interest to end result. Thanks to GetFeedback however, the response doesn’t have to stop there. Sending follow up marketing efforts with satisfaction questions or anything they may want extra is a great way to find out how your team is doing and what works and what maybe needs improvement, as well as uncover opportunities for cross sales.

Salesforce Pardot

What does GetFeedback mean for Pardot?

GetFeedback on Pardot means you are able to shift nurture campaign stops dependent on responses. This allows you to be sure your customers are getting the correct tailored plan for them. You can also accurately score and grade your prospects knowing what sort of lead they will be to ensure accurate margins and know who to pass on to sales and when. If you already work with GetFeedback for Salesforce Commercial and Premier plans you can even use GetFeedback for Pardot at no extra cost, meaning you can get straight into knowing your prospects.

If you would like to know more about personalising the way you engage with your customers and how GetFeedback can work for you, simply get in touch. Take a look at some of Salesforce’s other collaborations, such as Salesforce integrating with Slack, on our blog.