You always want to give customers that one to one personal approach but sometimes it can be incredibly difficult and time consuming to reach everyone fast. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone that knew the answers to everyday questions and could respond to customers for you in an instant, yet intelligent manor? Let me introduce you to your personal responder, Einstein ChatBot.

What does the Einstein ChatBot do?

Einstein Bot talking to a customer
Einstein ChatBot allows you to interact with your customers to provide quick responses in times when you are unable to reply personally. With the help of Einstein analytics, ChatBot is able to respond to common questions and inform customers of helpful advice or fixes. The Einstein Chatbot is able to provide instant responses to benefit customers, as they get answers fast and efficiently, to help them feel important. The benefits also stretch to helping you too, as if a bot can answer common questions for you, then more time can be spent answering those more complex queries.

How does it work?

Bots are only as smart as you teach them to be, however, and sometimes the Einstein ChatBot may not have all the answers. In this scenario, the bot can be used as the first point of contact for a smooth transition to a live agent, making the customer’s experience more comfortable.
Einstein ChatBot passing a customer to an agent
Salesforce Einstein
To help your bot become effective, you can analyse your frequent transactions with customers and implement them into the Einstein ChatBots memory. The issue however is that the same question can be asked in multiple ways, but only one response is needed. You are able to teach the platform variables, which the Einstein element of the bot can learn from to help improve future conversations and answer as many issues as possible. Once responses are learned then they can be relayed to your customers instantly.
Einstein Bot
What makes the Einstein ChatBot different is its ability to integrate with Salesforce. The bot is able to access real Salesforce data to provide effective outcomes. This could include passing information onto an agent in Service Cloud to allow them to effectively deal with the customers request.

How is it different?

Einstein ChatBots are created with the ideals of real people, meaning they respond to clicks and text and not code. This means the creating and monitoring of these bots is simple and user friendly.
Salesforce Einstein ChatBot diagram
The Einstein ChatBot has been widely released with the Summer ‘18 update. It is, however, only available for website use and cannot be integrated with social media as of yet, meaning you will still have to respond on these platforms as normal.

If you would like to know more about how the Salesforce Einstein ChatBot could benefit you then why not get in touch. If you have enjoyed this post, why not take a look at other use case for Einsten Analytics.