Salesforce have announced that they will be hosting Dreamforce this year as a hybrid event and we wanted to get the inside scoop on what to expect and what we know so far.

So what can we expect from Dreamforce 2021?

  1. It is going to be the first ever GLOBAL Dreamforce event that Salesforce have ever put on, returning as an in person event in San Francisco and new cities New York, Paris, and London
  2. When? September 21st-23rd 2021.
  3. What? It’ll be a hybrid of an in-person and online digital experience. We’ve heard that Salesforce is still in the process of navigating the in-person invitation system but we should know very soon!
  4. If you see #DF21 anywhere on social media you can be sure that this is the official hashtag of Dreamforce 2021!
  5. How will Salesforce ensure the event is Covid safe? Well, we now know that in the U.S, anyone attending in-person will be required to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Salesforce is also working closely with Leaders in the medical community including Dr. Larry Brilliant (a world-renowned epidemiologist)  to make sure that all attendees are protected and can enjoy the event stress free.
  6. 6,000 in person attendees across each of the Global ‘huts’ are expected to attend and the online version could see up to 60,000 attendees.
  7. Virtual attendees will be viewing the sessions of Dreamfore via Salesforce+, the first of its kind in streaming platforms  (Think Netflix but make it Tech!)
  8. The sessions and workshops themselves will be split across Salesforce roles (Architect, Commerce, Sales, Marketers, and Admin) and Industries.
  9. There will be a special guest, be it musical, from the world of sport, or tech… Come on… it’s Salesforce afterall!
  10. Finally, the question on everyone’s lips…. will there be any infamous ‘Dreamfast’ parties? Unfortunately, for the safety of the guests, not this year. 

Salesforce has always put on the most spectacular summits. Let’s take a look back at what went down at Dreamforce 2019 and its most memorable moments?

  • There was the infamous fireside chat between CEO Marc Benioff and President Barack Obama, discussing a range of topics from diversity to leadership in the workplace.
  • Salesforce Customer 360 was launched and attendees could demo their own customised platform to give them a single view of their customers.
  • The ‘Einstein speaker’ made its debut in the opening keynote, creating quite the buzz and demonstrating how voice-enabled AI can help smart business insights become more seamless. 
  • Recurring themes of Equality, Sustainability, Privacy, Value driven businesses, Diversity, and Inclusivity shone bright throughout Dreamforce 2019, with top Business leaders emphasizing the importance of all six elements in early stages of product development for long term success and financial growth of a business. 

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