We’ve all heard about some of the amazing talks and demonstrations given at Dreamforce, some of which are based on new releases, however a fair proportion talks of distant future, or even theoretical ideas. Some of the points in this post are due to be released on October 15th with the new update, but others you may have to either hold out for or may never come to light, so be sure to check current Pardot use cases and features when using Pardot.

New Email builder

The current email builder is predicted to gain a whole new makeover, providing new flexibility and personalisation. The idea is the email builder will be transitioned to look like the Pardot landing page builder and harness some of the freedoms the landing page builder boasts. The hopes is to ensure emails are able to stay on brand easier, as well as forming non-marketing emails in a more professional manner.


Pardot in Sandboxes

The possibility of Pardot in Sandboxes was spoken about. This would allow users to test Pardot and all the attributes they have created in a real life examples before they are released to customers.

Pardot Einstein Chatbot

This is one of those spoken about products that is actually coming to light. You always want to give customers that one to one personal approach but sometimes it can be incredibly difficult and time consuming to reach everyone fast. This is why Salesforce has developed Einstein Chatbot, check out our post on the features.

Einstein Behaviour Scoring

A new scoring system is said to be proposed for future updates. The rules would be dependent on behaviour and customers buying or intent to buy actions. This means if a customer has previously purchased a product, they would be scored high and become relevant for future purchases. Also if a customer seems intent on buying, such as keeps adding items to baskets or looking at reviews all towards a certain product, they will also be scored on this. Einstein Behaviour Scoring would allow for easier cross selling as well as identify those eager to buy customers.

Einstein Canvas

Einstein Canvas promotes the idea of users being able to draw diagrams of campaigns onto a whiteboard, taking a photo and making the campaign real. This could mean those creating campaign diagrams in board meetings or large groups could all contribute. A photo would then be taken of the finished drawing and uploaded into Pardot, which would then read the image and do all the hard work of making the engagement campaign for you.

Pardot IdeaExchange

Pardot on the IdeaExchange is not a new feature and has been around since 2006, however there has been lots of talk around ideas not being seen or used to make changes. Due to this, Salesforce is rumored  to be proposing a new scoring method in which each update period a certain number of votes is allocated per person, rather than the unlimited currently available. This would mean those with the most votes would be more valued and Salesforce is said to guaranteed to listen and implement the top voted idea into an upcoming update.

As previously stated, most of these products are either future or theoretical so don’t get too disappointed if some don’t make it to production. Take a look at some of the amazing features that are currently achievable with Pardot. If you would like to know how Pardot could benefit your business, simply get in touch with our experienced team.