Bundles are one of the main features of the configure stages of CPQ. Users have the freedom to create a selection of bundle alternatives, dependent on what is needed. Three main bundle areas allow users to group products to be sold together, bundles allow for reduced errors and provide an accurate complete service.
Static bundles in Salesforce CPQ
Static bundle – These are bundles that never change, they put necessary products together to minimise mistakes when creating quotes. This could be ensuring a charger is always included with a phone, or a lid with a box or any other necessary items that belong together.
Configurable bundles in Salesforce CPQ
Configurable bundle – These are the pick and choose bundles, make recommendations based on the customer’s personal preferences. This could be useful if there are alternatives, such as interchangeable lids to the same box or different size dividers to go inside, these items are not essential but relate well enough to make a great bundle.
Nested bundle in Salesforce CPQ
Nested bundle – This involves having bundles inside of bundles. This could be useful in many occasions, such as a gaming bundle with a console and three changeable games. The console could be a separate bundle depending on memory and specs, inside the main package bundle.