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Using technology to make people better off, Chetwood Financial is a digital bank dedicated to designing and manufacturing unique and dynamic products that make engaging with personal finances easier than ever before for their customers. Unlike traditional banking models, Chetwood Financial strive  to create products that are right for each customer segment, rather than building one product to serve all. 

With a multi-brand strategy, Chetwood Financial are able to bring industry challenging products such as LiveLend and SmartSave to the ever growing online banking market.

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How did we help?

With the upcoming release of their new product ‘SmartSave’, Chetwood Financial came to us in need of a platform that could accommodate their existing products with those soon to be available. They already had an existing Salesforce system for their previous product ‘LiveLend’. The idea was to create a system that could manage both brands, via segmenting Service Cloud in such a way that users are able to work on either or both products simultaneously.

Though there are two different products, there would be times such as reporting when both brands would be relevant. This need called for the system to allow users to manage the two different products effectively in the same Salesforce instance while still enabling management to be able to report across the entire business.

Salesforce Products Used

Case Management: Salesforce Service Cloud

After speaking to Chetwood Financial, it was determined that a new case management process would be a great way to ensure the smooth running of the additions to Salesforce.

This involved us reconfiguring entitlements and milestones used by the company to track progress and setting up different support processes for each brand, enabling better prioritisation of cases.

Live Chat: Salesforce Live Agent

To assist with lead generation and customer satisfaction, our experienced team implemented Live Agent. With custom pre-chat and post-chat options created using Visualforce, Chetwood Financial are able to utilise automation to create cases and contacts straight into Salesforce from Live Agent.

Support Mailbox: Email-to-case

Setting up email-to-case allowed SmartSave to have a unique support email which creates cases directly in Salesforce. These cases are then separated via automation rules to split between the two brands, allowing for each case to be successfully assigned to the relevant user.

Website Integration: Web-to-case

Web-to-case was also configured to follow the same process of case creations when SmartSave’s new fully branded web form is completed. To ensure a solid brand identifier was present between the two products, Chetwood Financial’s previous LiveLend web-to-case form was also updated.

Case Routing: Omni-Channel

Our skilled team configured Omni-Channel capabilities to allocate the right cases to the right team member at the right time, providing a consistent support experience across all channels.

Self Service: Salesforce Knowledge

Working alongside SmartSave, Silver Softworks set up brand oriented knowledge articles which were published on SmartSave’s website, improving case deflection by allowing customers to self-serve.

Silver Softworks have been an integral part of how we quickly adapt and respond to our customers' needs. From the very start of our relationship, they have been on hand to support us and provide their expertise; whether that be when training our staff or introducing us to the new features Salesforce release. With each product we build, it's important that we tailor our communication processes and workflows to support what would add value to our customers' experience. Silver Softworks have helped us earn an Excellent rating on Trustpilot from our customers across both LiveLend and SmartSave, with customers enjoying the fact that they get back to you on live chat or email quickly and answer your questions thoroughly. Sean Lynskey, Chetwood Financial

How we can continue to help Chetwood Financial in the future

Throughout the implementation and deployment, Silver Softworks provided support to each relevant team to ensure a successful project and any questions were resolved. Our experienced team ensured reporting was possible at each stage, with reporting options possible for each product separately as well as an intertwined view for a full picture of progress. These reporting capabilities will continue to strongly benefit Chetwood Financial in the future.

As one of our ongoing managed service customers, Chetwood Financial continue to benefit from instant access to our experienced team at any time for help with process changes, training, data migration, and changes to business processes.

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