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Cardiff City FC Community Foundation is the official charity of Cardiff City Football Club. Their goal is to support children, young people and families in South Wales to achieve their full potential. They do this by offering a range of programmes which inspire education, improve health and wellbeing and build safer communities.

To Cardiff City FC Community Foundation


The Brief

Cardiff City FC Community Foundation were striving to improve their marketing and communication practices. Their main setback was the inability to successfully manage marketing strategies due to storing data in an inadequate facility. Spreadsheets were used to organise and group members for both B2C and B2B marketing, but this was an ineffective procedure as spreadsheets are often open to duplicate data and errors.

Cardiff City FC Community Foundation also needed a way to reach staff, volunteers and participants from different areas with the ability to market to them in a trackable manner. They needed to manage tracked constituents by synchronising email and all forms of communications. Organising communications would lead to maximising effectiveness, particularly for events. Cardiff City FC Foundation needed a way of managing events via campaigns in order to view progress. The purpose was to track donations from events and maintain communications both before and after.

The Strategy

After listening to Cardiff City FC Community Foundation’s needs, Silver Softworks created an organised system to allow a streamlined marketing process, with the ability to view and track efforts as campaigns progress. This involved a new way of separately managing B2B and B2C communication efforts, as well as tracking ROI.

Being able to keep track was an important factor to the organisation. Introducing lead management meant the Foundation could see the full customer view at every stage. They were also given the resources to track all forms of communications including emails, calls and even events. For an added form of freedom, the Foundation are also able to utilise all the tools they need when out and about via mobile to ensure teams are always on top of progress from wherever they need it. Cardiff City FC Community Foundation are able to utilise the power of the Nonprofit Starter Pack on the Salesforce Platform.

Silver Softworks have been extremely helpful since day 1. They offer a personal and friendly service that's built around your organisation's needs and objectives. They provide transparent training to ensure that your team is well acquainted with the system. The communication has been fantastic throughout the process, and Silver Softworks go the extra mile to ensure that system users are comfortable and fully adapted to the system and that the organisation is benefitting to its best ability. I would highly recommend Silver Softworks to any charity. Huw Day, Cardiff City FC Community Foundation

How we can continue to help Cardiff City FC Community Foundation in the future

Silver Softworks hopes to continue our relationship with Cardiff City FC Community Foundation to introduce them to new features that could help in the future. With the forever growing popularity of the organisation, support with orchestrating more automation tools could prove effective as this would help towards even faster responses and assist with day to day sales tasks.

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