This month’s app is Cloudingo. Found here on the AppExchange, Cloudingo allows users to always be sure they have clean and trustworthy data. The app boasts the ability to clean all of your records whilst dealing with duplicates and maintaining only useful data.

With clean data, Salesforce user experience improves greatly as not only are leads more reliable but also time is saved as sales are no longer contacting bad data and can concentrate on those leads that will actually be worth while.

Duplicate data is often a problem. When reviewing data, customers may change details such as address,  email, or even surname, which can generate multiple records for the same person in Salesforce. Cloudingo allows users to merge duplicates in order to clean up records and ensure data is both up to date and accurate. With simple clicks, users are able to manual merge, mass merge and even auto merge records with Cloudingo, allowing for the most accurate merge options dependent on user needs.

Cloudingo records

Users can clean data all the way through the cycle, from import to deletion of stale records. When importing data via .csv file, users can scan for duplicate data and fix them before they even enter the system. Duplicates can then be updated in Salesforce or disposed of if a direct match occurs. Once already in Salesforce, users are able to either manually update records or set up automation processes to have Cloudingo do it for them. Users are able to set up how often they would like the app to assess the data and how to clean it using automation settings. Once data has gone through the cycle however and is no longer relevant, users are able to delete not only irrelevant records but also inactive leads.

Cloudingo scheduling

Having accurate data can mean the difference between gaining the attention of those eager customers or wasting time generating a high hard bounce rate. If you would like to know more about different apps that can help you on your Salesforce journey, simply get in touch here.