Given that Salesforce is a SaaS company, it has a unique advantage in positioning itself to SaaS businesses. As a platform provider it can speak with authority and trust, simply because it understands the very challenges and pitfalls that these organisations face. 

At Silver Softworks we have implemented Salesforce for over 50 SaaS businesses, all at different stages of growth and success but all with similar pain points. We understand that running a successful SaaS company comes with its fair share of challenges. From nurturing leads, to managing subscription revenue, sustaining renewals, quote to cash, support, and improving customer retentio. So why not simplify and streamline things?

We have identified 3 core ways Salesforce can help you build your SaaS business:

  1. Seamless sales cycle
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Increasing your renewals

Seamless sales cycle

Any SaaS sales team understands that to get quality sales in, you need to generate a high volume of leads and sustain numerous points of engagement along the sales cycle. Managing these interactions and all of this data is complex. Salesforce connects the dots. All channels across sales and marketing can be connected into one single source of truth, one singular sales journey, so that no data is ever lost or confused along the way and every lead has the potential to be nurtured into a converted sale and ultimately, a customer.  



Customer satisfaction

A SaaS business is only successful once it has achieved recurring revenue, which as we know, only comes from happy customers. So how do you avoid giving your customer a bad experience?

Salesforce Service Cloud is a product that allows you full visibility of every interaction with a customer. Your customer service team will be able to create an omnichannel support strategy for whichever channel your customer wishes to use, be it email, phone, live chat, sms, or Whatsapp.  Taking support and satisfaction to the next level still, Salesforce offers Community cloud which enables your users to support other customers via forums and FAQ spaces. These types of micro and scalable communities give fantastic insights to SaaS companies on their customer profiles, ensuring high and consistent levels of customer experience. 



Increasing your renewals

Salesforce CPQ (configure-price-quote) is designed to work with any revenue streams, be that setup charges, one-off transactions, trials, discounts, refunds and so on. There is no room for error when it comes to renewals, one mistake can result in a lost deal so your product configuration, pricing and quoting systems must be set up and reliable. 

Salesforce CPQ (Revenue cloud) removes the human error when sales teams are restricted to relying on excel spreadsheets, word documents and emails to keep track of everything. 

To find out more about how Silver Softworks implement Salesforce for SaaS businesses and help them achieve their growth goals, contact us here.